Occasionally, and by design, Barker Consulting Partners secures equity in clients.

Currently, the firm owns contingent interests in a staffing company called eFusion Partners (www.efusionpartners.com) which provides both temporary staffing and direct hires in the administrative, legal, financial services and information technologies industries.  Barker Consulting Partners provides business development assistance with this company.

eFusion Logo transparent.jpg

Additionally, Barker Consulting Partners owns direct equity in CalibraxKPI (www.calibraxKPI.com) a company that provides business intelligence about brand engagement.  The company's scores are a type of market research that informs brand strategy and drives financial modeling for clients.  Because these scores are derived solely from the Internet, this research is less expensive, more objective and is typically derived more frequently than fielding surveys or convening focus groups, the traditional way of conducting market research.  Barker Consulting Partners is providing business development, legal and strategic transactions services for CalibraxKPI.

Other areas being explored for possible investment are energy projects and beauty products, led by new members of the Barker Consulting Partners team.