o   Immediate (July - August)

§  Jointly determine processes for investment / expense authorization

§  Staff assessment and planning

·      assessment of people at operating companies: in person visits; plan for visits

·      Where is support staff upon whom I can rely?  Recommend either someone on your staff or an external, part time spt staff

·      Role of Vanessa Burri; location? Reporting relationship?  Matrix?

§  Develop demand side; based on your comments: is assurance realistic? (pulled this forward due to your comments); Need separate session to go through Attachment 2;

§  Separate meeting to review Attachment 3; baseline constituency perception; stock price drivers; review results to date; alter as needed; entertain proposal from Cx; you’ll have to decide given my partial ownership in Cx.

o   After Immediate are initiated: Sept - Dec 2016

§  Resource Inventory (material science, data, acquisition support); need Immediate done in order than questions may be well-informed

·      Your Organization (Name?)

·      Product Care

·      Company –wide

·      External partnerships

§  Data RFP issued developed by resources; resulting respondents can be classified into

·      Yes, they can be helpful as consultants

·      Possible acquisition target (don’t misunderstand ultimate acquisition objectives!)

·      Do some ourselves

§  Begin execution of demand side plan

o   Next (1Q17)

§  Systematize gathering of data on potential acquisition targets; explore acquisition software; separate meeting once resources determined. 

§  Separate meeting for Managing Channel Conflict potential

§  Approach potential private equity partners